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Between the knowledge and resources provided by Terry's Tree Service, only the highest level of arbor care will be provided. Tree care services include tree removals, stumps grinding, cabling, and even lightning protection. With Florida being a prime state for lightning strikes, using our skills to save a damaged tree is nothing new. Prepare yourself for mother nature to flourish like never before in St. Petersburg, FL. Call and have your tree evaluated today!

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Tree Removal

Need tree removal in St. Petersburg, FL? When you call Terry's, a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional will arrive onsite to provide a thorough assessment of your tree and determine the best course of action. We are committed to providing a quick and seamless removal, and we have the skills and equipment to handle any removal. Safety is our priority, which is why we take every precaution during the removal process.

Required permits will be in place along with the location of all relevant utility lines identified within the work zone. While we offer pricing based on your specific tree instead of a flat fee rate, check with your insurance to see if they cover any portion of the removal cost.

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Tree Trimming

Our Certified Arborists in Pinellas County, Florida will use a variety of tree trimming and pruning techniques such as structural, restorative, root, and reduction to get your tree's health to take a turn for the better. When pruning we abide by all standards set forth by ANSI A300. Terry's aim is to provide both residential and commercial properties with responsible tree care.

Is it Possible to Bring My Tree Back to Life?

Restoration pruning is a technique used frequently in trees that experience damage to their structure, form, or appearance. Damage may occur during a storm or even through improper pruning techniques. After a series of treatments is near its completion, the goal is to see the tree come back to life.

Professional Tree Care, Removal, and Trimming in St. Petersburg, FL