Lightning Protection

Protect your assets and minimize the risk of damage from a strike. Florida is the number one lightning state of the world and thousands of trees are struck by lightning each day around the world. Lightning protection systems work by providing a pathway that is low in electrical resistance from the top of the tree to earth where the electricity is then dissipated. This reduces harm to the tree, as well as provides a safe pathway for the lightning so it does not hit surrounding structures. Our Certified Arborists can install lightning protection on almost any tree. We provide service in the St. Petersburg, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sarasota areas.


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Symptoms of a Lightning Strike

Trees struck by lightning may have the following symptoms:

  • Split or shattered trunk or branches, bark missing around the trunk of the tree.
  • Line of missing bark running through or down the tree.
  • Permanent leaf wilting on a major branch or quadrant of the tree crown.