Tree Care Bradenton, FL

Terry's Tree Service is your go-to tree care expert in Bradenton, Florida. Since 1984, our TCIA Accredited company has been a trusted source of reliable tree services such as tree removal, tree trimming, and more. We have multiple ISA Certified Arborists on staff who are always furthering their education in proper tree care and techniques to bring you the absolute best results.

Bradenton Tree Removal

Terry's offers quick and safe tree removal for residents and businesses in Bradenton, FL. We know that not all trees need to be removed, but sometimes it is the only option to keep your property safe. As such, after evaluating the tree, we will create a plan to remove it safely.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an important part of extending the life of the tree. Our experienced Arborists know exactly what each species needs to keep your tree living happily and healthily. Not only does tree trimming protect the tree, but it also keeps your family and property safe from loose branches that can fall during high winds and storms.