Tree Removal

Before removing a tree, our Certified Arborists will come out to assess the tree or trees in question. Depending on the tree, removal costs may vary. For trees hit by lightning, insurance may cover a portion of the removal cost. Our Certified Treecare Safety Professionals take the utmost precaution when removing a tree and will obtain permits and utility locates when necessary. Terry’s Tree Service is prepared with the proper equipment for any removal in St. Petersburg, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sarasota areas.

Ensure Safety with Expert Tree Removal

When it's time to remove a tree, trust the experts at Terry's Tree Service. Our skilled team ensures safe and efficient tree removal, minimizing risk to your property and loved ones. Whether it's a hazardous tree or site preparation, we handle it all. Contact us today to schedule your tree removal service and ensure the safety and aesthetics of your landscape!

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