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The Certified Arborists at Terry's Tree Service will guide you through the steps needed to see your trees flourish throughout Apollo Beach, FL. Our services range from diagnostic evaluations to the implementations of preventative tree care. Because every tree and property are different, in-person evaluations will provide you with the most information regarding the next steps for your trees. Request an estimate or make an appointment today!

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Professional Tree Trimming

Need tree trimming in Apollo Beach, FL? When done correctly, pruning not only extends the life of a tree, but also has the potential to restore the structure, form, and appearance previously damaged in a storm or by poor pruning. Our Arborists follow the ANSI A300 Standards when determining and executing the pruning technique most suited for a tree's situation. Terry offers structural, restorative, root, and reduction pruning to keep your trees healthy and happy.

Is Structural Pruning for You?

When planting young trees, structural pruning is highly recommended. Benefits of utilizing this type of pruning consist of controlling the direction of growth, promoting a stronger structure during growth, and decreasing the need for reparative pruning later in life. By setting a tree up for success in its early years, you will be increasing its overall lifespan.

Tree Removal

Not every tree is in immediate need to be removed. Our Certified Arborists have the in-depth education to assess if removal is right for your tree. When you do find your tree is at a point of no return, you can trust in Terry's Tree Service for a smooth tree removal process. We ensure all necessary permits are in order and any utility lines nearby located before cutting into any portion of the tree. During the removal, our team is equipped with all the proper equipment to maintain a safe environment.

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