Plant Health Care Program

Our Plant Health Care (PHC) Program is customized to fit your landscape needs and goals. After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your landscape, a custom program is created by our Plant Health Care Specialist. Your custom program will focus on treating existing conditions, as well as preventative care. Early detection of plant pests and diseases is key to maintaining the beauty and health of your landscape. Through proactive inspections and treatments, our environmentally friendly program will help to protect your landscape and the surrounding environment.

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What's Included

Dedicated Plant Health Care Specialist: Our Terry’s Tree Service Plant Health Care Specialists are ISA Certified Arborists and TCIA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. As part of your custom program, a specific Plant Health Care Specialist will be dedicated to your landscape.

Frequent Inspections: Your custom PHC Program will include frequent inspections to evaluate the health of your landscape. During these inspections, your dedicated Plant Health Care Specialist will detect pests and diseases, as well as environmental factors that could be affecting your plants' health. Your Plant Health Care Specialist will document their findings, as well as their recommendations for treatments.

Technology: If our trained Plant Health Care Specialist encounters a situation that is difficult to diagnose, soil testing and diagnostic lab testing are available through our Plant Health Care program.