Professional Tree Care Services in Venice FL

Terry's Tree Service is proud to bring professional, safe, and responsible tree care to Venice, FL. Our ISA Certified Arborists will assess and create a tailored course of treatment for the trees around your business or home. From stump grinding to lightning protection, our range of services will cover all your tree needs. Tree evaluations yield the most information when done in person, so schedule your appointment today!

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Tree Trimming

As a TCIA accredited company, trust in Arborists who knows when less is more. The real key behind pruning tactics is knowing the right balance when implanting a specific pruning style. Our goal is to provide trees that will thrive year after year in both health and physical appearance. We offer pruning services such as structural, reduction, restorative, and root pruning. Time to provide your trees with a new lease on life with tree trimming in Venice, FL!

Too Much Growth!

In the case of tree overgrowth, reduction pruning is the technique to reduce the height and density of branches. Like asking a hairdresser to cut a little off your ends at a time, the process of taking more off is easier than correcting when too much has been cut off. Reduction pruning should be performed in small amounts while strictly abiding to every ANSI A300 Standard. When too much is pruned, a tree can develop growth issues on top of being visually unappealing.

Tree Removal in Venice, FL

If you are questioning whether a tree needs to be removed, call our Arborists for an assessment. Extensive education about tree and plant health gives our Arborists the ability to identify what others cannot. Removal pricing is based on the individual tree instead of one flat fee rate. In the case of lightening, check-in with your insurance because they may actually cover a portion of the removal costs. The Certified Treecare Safety Professionals at Terry's Tree Service will have all needed permits and utility locations in order before beginning any of the physical removal. Safety and preparation are key for every tree removal we do.

Our Tree Removal Process