Your Trusted Tree Care Service in Sarasota, FL

Terry's Tree Service will guide you through the necessary steps with our certified arborists, so your trees flourish throughout Sarasota, FL. We have a range of services from diagnostic tree evaluations to enacting preventative tree care. We know that every tree and each property is different. This requires an in-person evaluation so that you can get the most information regarding the next you need to take for your trees. Call and get an estimate today!

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Tree Service

Making sure that your yard is in proper order is one of the top priorities of a homeowner and having stray trees can be a hinderance to that goal. Terry’s Tree Service is here to offer you top-of-the-line tree services so that your yard and home are protected.  Terry’s trimming and removal are among some of our tree services that ensure that beautification of your yard.

Tree Trimming

Properly conducted pruning not only extends the life of trees, but can also restore the structure, form, and appearance of trees which had been previously damaged through natural means. Our arborists follow the standard set by ANSI A300 when they determine and execute the suitable pruning techniques for whatever tree they are dealing with. Here at Terry’s in Sarasota, FL we offer structural, restorative, root, and reduction pruning to keep your trees healthy and happy.

Tree Removal

We know that not every tree needs to be removed. Our certified Arborists have education to asses if removal is the right move for your home. You can trust Terry’s Tree Service for a smooth and efficient removal process. We will ensure that all the necessary permits are taken care of for your tree’s removal, as well as making sure that any utility lines are protected during the process. We take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment during the tree removal so that you, your family, and our Arborists are protected.