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Terry's Tree Service will guide you through the necessary steps with our certified arborists so your trees can flourish. We offer expert tree care to homeowners in Sarasota, Florida, including a wide range of services to keep your trees healthy, including pruning, trimming, fertilization, diagnostic tree evaluations, disease management, and preventative tree care.

We know that every tree and each property is different. This requires an in-person evaluation so that you can get the most information regarding the next you need to take for your trees. Call and get an estimate today!

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Why is Tree Care Important?

Tree care is an important part of maintaining the health and beauty of the trees on your property. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Environmental benefits: Trees play a crucial role in the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing shade and cooling. Proper tree care helps to maintain healthy trees, allowing them to continue providing these important environmental benefits.
  • Aesthetic value: Trees can greatly enhance the beauty and appeal of a property or a community. Proper tree care helps to maintain the health, structure, and appearance of trees, which can increase their aesthetic value.
  • Safety: Trees can become hazardous if they are not properly maintained. Dead, diseased, or damaged trees can fall and cause damage or injury. Proper tree care can help identify and mitigate potential safety hazards.
  • Property value: Healthy, well-maintained trees can add value to a property. In contrast, poorly maintained or damaged trees can detract from a property's value. Proper tree care can help to maintain the health and appearance of trees, which can contribute to property value.
  • Wildlife habitat: Trees provide habitat for many species of wildlife. Proper tree care can help to maintain healthy trees and preserve their role in providing habitat for wildlife.

Our Tree Trimming & Removal Services

Terry’s Tree Service is here to offer you top-of-the-line tree care so that your yard and home are protected. Two of our most important tree services are tree trimming and tree removal. Tree trimming is essential to prolonging the life of your trees while improving their looks. And tree removal is important because dead trees can cause safety hazards and need to be professionally removed. 

Learn More About Tree Care in Sarasota, FL 

If you are a homeowner in Sarasota, FL, make sure your trees are well taken care of with professional tree care. Contact us at Terry's Tree Service to learn more.