Lawn Fertilization

Providing your plants with proper nutrition through fertilization increases their ability to fight off pests and diseases. At Terry's Tree Service, we're committed to improving the health of properties in Bradenton, Sarasota FL and throughout Southwest Florida. Our lawn fertilization program uses a custom blend of slow release fertilizer to promote the health of your landscape and ensure that plants are getting the necessary nutrition throughout the year.

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Want to keep a well-maintained lawn all year long? The key is feeding your property the right type and amount of fertilizer for your specific grass species. You must avoid underfeeding or overfeeding, as both will cause the turf to undergo excessive stress. With experience providing plant health care services for local properties since 1984, we know what's best for your lawn! We understand the unique climate of Southwest Florida and develop customized plans using quality materials and a fertilization schedule based on the growing season. Take a step toward a healthier lawn today and give us a call!