Tree Pruning

Terry’s Tree Service provides responsible tree pruning services. Proper tree pruning can extend the life of your trees and help your property value increase. Pruning also helps to preserve old and valuable trees. Prices vary due to factors such as location and surroundings. Our Certified Arborists prune trees according to ANSI A300 Standards.

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Types of Pruning

We offer many different types of pruning depending on your tree's needs and requirements.

Structure Pruning

Trees living in an urban environment can greatly benefit from this type of pruning. Structure pruning is pruning to develop a strong trunk and branch framework to support the tree canopy. This type of pruning influences the orientation, spacing and growth rate of the tree to make the tree stronger. Benefits of structural pruning include reduced risk of tree failure, prolonged life and reduced costs of pruning and tree repair over the life of the tree. Trees that have been lions-tailed are good candidates for this type of pruning.

Reduction Pruning

Reduction pruning reduces the length of branches or stems back to the live lateral branch. This type of pruning may also decrease tree height or length of branches using reduction cuts.

Restoration Pruning

Trees that have failed in storms or been deformed by poor pruning techniques such as topping can be restored to a stronger form through a series of restoration treatments. Restoration pruning is pruning to redevelop structure, form and appearance of severely damaged or pruned trees.

Root Pruning

Are tree roots breaking up your driveway? Causing damage to your pipes? Root pruning may be an option. Root pruning is at the discretion of the Arborist and depends on the location and distance of the tree to the impacting structure.

Hand de-mossing is also available.